Benefits of the Global supply chain vs regional sourcing

12 May 2021 | 15.00 CET


It is with pleasure that All About Feed and feed certification company GMP+ International host their third webinar on Feed Safety and Security on May 12th 2021. The main focus will be the shift from sourcing feed ingredients globally to regionally.

While large trade streams will continue to flourish, more local feed ingredients are attractive for many reasons. They reconnect consumers to the producer, can have environmental benefits and offer less exposure to trade disruptions. However, availability and quality can be issues that need to be tackled. Sound certification is necessary to guarantee trust Quality control is imperative as are intervention strategies when risks increase, for instance in unfavourable weather during harvest.

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Short outline of the programme

Introduction by our host

Vincent ter Beek, editor Pig Progress

Short introduction on the main topic of this webinar.

Better understanding of global sourcing

Mark McHugh, Group procurement director at AB Agri

The exact pros and cons of global vs local sourcing will also be the topic of the introductory presentation by Mark McHugh, group procurement director at AB Agri. The presentation is aimed at better understanding global sourcing, especially when the need arises in times of unforeseen events and crisis.

Scarce Supplies: Grains & Oilseeds Markets Dynamics

Michael Magdovitz, Senior Analyst Agriculture Commmodities Market Research Rabobank

The presentation will cover major grains and oilseeds supply demand trade and price dynamics, with the conclusion that high prices may extend for the medium term.

Status Quo, Potential and Perspective for Soy Cultivation in Europe

Susanne Fromwald, Senior Consultant and Programme Director DONAU SOJA

Soy as a European crop: Yield, hectares & tons of soy production in different regions in Europe

Benefits of increased soy production in Europe: ecological and economic aspects

More legumes in European crop rotation (today only 1 -2 %) have relevance as break crops and for N-cycle; increased European cultivation & processing brings added value through regional value chain development & regional climate partnerships, leads to less dependence on imports and relieves pressure from sensitive ecosystems in Overseas

Closing words with Johan den Hartog

Johan den Hartog, Managing Director GMP+ International

Short closing words by Johan den Hartog, managing director of GMP+ International, which is the initiator of this webinar.

Our experts

Vincent ter Beek

Vincent ter Beek

Host and editor Pig Progress

Vincent ter Beek has been working for Pig Progress since 2005 and he became editor of the magazine and website two years later. Before joining Reed Business Information, later Misset, he worked as a journalist at a Dutch newspaper and as a college teacher.

He graduated from Groningen University in 2001, holds an MA in history and journalism and he followed a post-graduate journalism course in the United Kingdom.

Mark McHugh

Mark McHugh

Group procurement director at AB Agri

Mark McHugh is Group Procurement Director at global agri-food business AB Agri and currently heads a £1bn spend portfolio, with a remit to manage price & supply risk, drive cost performance, process automation, shape sustainability pathways and accelerate innovation.

Michael Magdovitz

Michael Magdovitz

Senior Analyst Agriculture Commodities Market Research Rabobank

Before Michael joined Rabobank in early 2018, he spent six years with Glencore Agri in Rotterdam where he worked in a variety of roles, eventually working his way up from commercial trainee to senior grain analyst advising traders on their market positions. Prior to Glencore Agri, Michael spent a year with the Clinton Foundation in Colombia supporting farmer business development.

Susanne Fromwald

Susanne Fromwald

Senior Consultant and Programme Director DONAU SOJA

Susanne Fromwald has worked for DONAU SOJA since the beginning in 2012. Starting as expert and advisor for standard development and stakeholder discussions she became Director for Standard and Value Chain Development, in 2019 Executive Director and Regional Director for Western Europe. Since April 2021 she is Senior Consultant and Programme Director for Standard Development, Quality Management and Sustainability. In addition, she is a steering group member of the Collaborative Soy Initiative and a board member of the new European Non-GM association ENGA.

Johan den Hartog

Johan den Hartog

Managing Director GMP+ International

Johan den Hartog has a degree in Agriculture Engineering (BSc) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He is experienced in policy making, project management regarding feed safety assurance, environmental issues, training, education, working conditions and scientific research related to animal nutrition. Since 2010, he is fully in charge with feed safety certification.

Johan den Hartog is the Managing Director of GMP+ International since 2010, an organisation with almost 70% global market share in the feed safety certification industry with almost 20,000 members. Mr. den Hartog was previously the Secretary General of the Dutch Product Board Animal Feed for 21 Years.

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