Global Feed Safety Summit

6, 7 & 8 April 2022 in Berlin, Germany | Setting the feed agenda 2030

Bring together industry leaders

We are inspired by ideas and by the people we meet and we contribute by setting the agenda for feed safety for the next years


Setting the agenda

Let us share knowledge from private and public high-level speakers from all over the world with focus on the whole feed supply chain


Exchange visions and ideas

Let us challenge each other with active discussions and out-of-box ideas in setting the priorities for the future


Day 1: Food for thought

Wednesday April 6th 2022

We offer a broad picture of the perspectives for the feed & food chain in the coming decade. Next to market developments we will discuss feed safety and sustainability and other topics that have an impact on the whole industry like climate change, circular economy, globalisation and regional sourcing.



Day 2: Sharing Opinions

Thursday April 7th 2022 

We will level-up the discussion and encourage the participants to engage in the dialogue. Participate in many interesting topics like challenges, sustainability, feed and food security, knowledge sharing and digitalisation. Our goal is to hear everyone’s opinion.



day 3: setting the agenda

 Friday April 8th 2022

After a pro-actively discussion, we’ll conclude on how we will address issues and challenges, not only for today but also for the future. Let’s sustain the condition of the feed & food industry and embrace the opportunities that will come along.



Donatello Piras

Donatello Piras

Host and presentor

Prof. Dr. Leo den Hartog

Prof. Dr. Leo den Hartog

Director of R&D at Nutreco

Johan den Hartog

Johan den Hartog

Business Development Director at GMP+ International

Angela Booth

Angela Booth

Chair of the UK trade association and Chair fo the FEFAC

John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick

Agricultural Manager for Poultry and Eggs at TESCO


 The 2022 edition of the Global Feed Safety Summit will take place in the bcc in Berlin! The bcc is much larger and more spacious than one would expect from looking at the outside: a gross floor space of 10,000 m² makes congresses with up to 1,500 participants and parties with 2,000 guests possible. Up to 30 event rooms, or a total of 3,000 m² of exhibition space, make up our highly sought-after event venue. Our largest event space is found underground, but even here, most of the rooms have natural lighting. Movable partitions and multiple entrances allow for flexible utilization of the space.

This historic, listed building stands out for the extraordinary quality of its design features. Many elements of our facility were created exclusively for the bcc itself. Our operations team, with its own sanitation crew and craftsmen, ensures that every aspect of the center is kept in above-average condition.

“The GMP+ conference in Amsterdam gave our company not only new knowledge in the field but new strategy for the development of feed production in the world. This was a great opportunity to establish contacts with like-minded people in all countries! GMP+ event is a meeting place for the best producers and consumers of feed! GMP+ provides a vector from the rules of doing business to the psychology of sustainable and safe development of society!”

Grygoriy Mazur

General director, MNC Group Ukraine

“It was a real pleasure for me to participate in the ‘GMP+ International 25th anniversary conference’ in Amsterdam. The whole event was perfectly organized, inspiring and the venue was great. Excellent speakers talked about current and future challenges as well as their visions in our industry. Even apart the official program, it was so exciting to meet old acquaintances and to create new networks. I am already really looking forward to the ‘Global Feed Safety Summit’ in Berlin.”

Matthias Taschl

Quality and IMS Manager, ERBER AG Austria