About the organizers

GMP+ International and All About Feed combine their forces

Everyone, no matter where in the world, should have access to safe food. Thanks to the consistent focus on uniform standards within the entire production chain, GMP+ International brings global feed safety one step closer every single day. With over 18,000 GMP+ certified companies in more than 80 countries, GMP+ International is a leading global player in the market of feed safety assurance certification. A GMP+ certificate provides an additional qualitative guarantee for every entrepreneur operating in the international feed industry.

The GMP+ feed certification scheme does not only define conditions relating to production facilities of feed but also for and not limited to storage, transport, staff, procedures, documentation.. Together with its partners, GMP+ International transparently defines clear conditions, so that feed safety and sustainability are guaranteed, and certification bodies can conduct independent audits.

GMP+ certified companies are supported with useful and practical information, such as various databases, newsletters, Q&A’s, courses and (online) seminars and events. Together with All About Feed GMP+ International organises online webinars to share knowledge about the international feed industry.

All About Feed is a multimedia brand that focuses on the latest developments in animal nutrition, feed formulation, additives and equipment. All About Feed has a strong focus on important topics such as mycotoxins, feed additives and feeding strategies, offers statistics on global feed production and has the latest market figures on feed commodities and specialties. In addition to the magazine, website, newsletters and social media channels, this brand offers relevant events such as webinars and seminars at major trade fairs. All About Feed is therefore the most important source of information for feed producers and nutritionists around the world. We currently reach more than 21000 unique readers in our industry and have close to 100.000 pageviews on our dedicated All About Feed website.

Part of a family of brands

All About Feed is part of a family of brands, serving the agricultural industry from the Misset publishing house. Sister brands Poultry World, Pig Progress, Dairy Global and Future Farming all have their unique position in their field of expertise. A strong interaction between All About Feed and the sister brands carries the expert knowledge of feed related issues all the way from feed to farm and beyond.

Together is one of our core values. So collaboration with All About Feed in organising our Summit feels good as of day one. All About Feed as well as GMP+ International are present worldwide and have the same target group. Therefore, they are a good media partner for GMP+ International.

Johan den Hartog

Business Development Director, GMP+ International