Program day 1

Wednesday April 6th, Global Feed Safety Summit

We offer a broad picture of the perspectives for the feed & food chain in the coming decade. Next to market developments we will discuss feed safety and sustainability and other topics that have an impact on the whole industry like climate change, circular economy, globalisation and regional sourcing.

13:00 CET Opening with Donatello Piras

Donatello Piras is a chairman, presenter and moderator with years of experience at home in the Netherlands and abroad. Donatello hosts over close to a hundred meetings a year as an emcee, moderator and host for companies, governments, NGOs and the education sector. He has attained broad based experience in leading a variety of special events and conferences where he specializes in interaction and engagement with speakers and public. Donatello’s energetic approach in the many roles he plays is characterized by professionalism and enthusiasm. Donatello presents in Dutch, as well as English, German and Italian.

Donatello is an all-round generalist with a multifaceted background as a communication consultant, journalist and moderator that allows him to expertly navigate a broad range of topics in depth. Some of these topics include: energy transition & climate, agricultural marketing & communications, finance, education, healthcare, tax & tax avoidance, advocacy and legal representation, sustainability, logistics, as well as export and retail practices.

Plenary 1: A closer outlook: Feed chain and feed safety perspective, beyond today

The Feed industry remains solid notwithstanding several events challenging the sector. The global position partake in supporting animal production to produce healthy and sustainable food. The developments in animal production triggered by population growth and consumption patterns. However, challenges like climate goals (Paris Agreement) and production conditions changes in the sector will have inevitable consequences. The aim is to outline a broad picture of the prospects for the feed & food chain in coming decade, including feed safety.
“I don’t think there’s been a more important time to talk about the integrity of our global food supply system.” – Professor Chris Elliott

Plenary 2: Economic & Environmental impacts on Working Global and Chain-wide

Nowadays, the attention for regional sourcing in growing because it should be more environmental friendly. The question if is it more sustainable and what are the limits, benefits and needs of global sourcing. We are aware that the feed industry is a global industry. The commodities to produce the animal feed are coming from all over the world. Sentiments against globalization seems not match with globalization of the economies. What is the expectation in the coming years? Two tendencies: liberalization of international trade (WTO) as well as national market protections, while trade wars make it very uncertain for short and long-term trade and industrial developments.
“If it were to become apparent that the achievement of the objectives set out in this strategy threatens both food safety and the competitiveness of our agriculture, then these objectives would have to be revised.” Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski about the thorny issue of targets in the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy in 2020


Donatello Piras

Donatello Piras

Host and presentor

Prof. Dr. Leo den Hartog

Prof. Dr. Leo den Hartog

Director of R&D at Nutreco